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Harbin & Associates are psychologists in Fayetteville, NC offering individual psychotherapy and counseling for the treatment of anxiety, chronic pain, depression, eating disorders, phobias, and weight loss.
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Psychotherapy and counseling is also offered for domestic violence (victims and offenders), sexual abuse (victims), and sexual dysfunction.

Our services are available to adolescents (16+), adults, and geriatrics.

What to expect with psychotherapy and counseling: Therapy is a collaborative process where you can consult confidentially about a situation, problem, relationship, family issue, or habit you want to change. It is a positive step towards making change when you are concerned or confused about what to do. You should think of it as an educational or growth-oriented experience, with clear goals set at the beginning and monitored as you progress. Therapy is not a passive process where someone "fixes" you or tells you what to do.

How does psychotherapy help? Harbin & Associates believe that people have the power to shape and manage their lives and futures -- when you feel as if you cannot tackle a problem alone and the problem is not getting any better, our therapists act as consultants to help you explore options and choices in a safe and supportive environment. We can help you learn how to change your attitudes and behaviors and to use the knowledge and skills learned in therapy in everyday life.

Harbin & Associates is located in Fayetteville, NC

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Monday - Thursday, 8:00am to 5:00pm.

CALL 910-609-1990 to schedule an appointment.

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Available if you would like to leave a message. On weekends and holidays, our confidential voice mailbox is monitored regularly.

Payment Options: We do accept most insurance companies, including Tricare, BCBS, Medicare, and United Behavioral Health and we are happy to file your insurance claims. Please be advised that you are responsible for co-payments and deductibles at the time services are rendered. Also, please note that legal services will not be filed with your insurance company by this office.


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