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Harbin & Associates has been providing forensic psychological services statewide for 25 years. We have extensive experience in criminalforensic psychology, fayetteville nc cases, including capital murder, sexual assault, and other felonies, as well as capacity to proceed to trial and insanity. We have experience in both state and federal courts and can provide expert evaluation and testimony in personal injury cases as well as provide expert services in domestic courts, including psychological evaluations in custody disputes. As a clinical neuropsychologist, Dr. Harbin also provides expert services in head injury, along with psychological pain and suffering, harassment, and evaluations for disability.

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Forensic Evaluation Services:

Forensic evaluations can include psychological and neuropsychological evaluations of diminished capacity, comprehension of Miranda rights, cognitive impairment after head injury or brain disease, parenting ability, competence to manage affairs, fitness for duty, and other areas of legal practice. Prognosis for recovery after psychological or cognitive injury can also be assessed. Psychological evaluation also provides information regarding important characteristics of personality, psychopathology (psychological problems), risk of future child abuse, risk of future sexual offenses, and risk of future dangerousness.

 Criminal Cases:

Personal Injury Cases:

Domestic & Civil Cases:

Risk Assessment Cases:


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