Depression is a serious mental health issue that affects about 9.5% of the population at any one given time…that is 18.8 million men, women and children suffering from depression.

Depression is a mental health issue that involves the mind and body. Depression is probably not caused by a single factor. Instead, many researchers believe that depression is caused by a combination of factors including imbalances in brain chemistry, genetics, and life events. Interestingly enough, certain medications can also contribute to feelings of depression as well as alcohol or drug use and even one’s general outlook on life.

Depression is a disorder that is often misdiagnosed, or not even diagnosed at all, due to the fact that the outward appearance and behavior of depressed people is often seemingly normal. Depression does not recognize boundaries between age, race, or social status and is often a life-long illness.

Depression is a serious mental health issue that can involve, but is not limited to:

Although depression can develop at any age is often a life-long disorder, with ongoing psychotherapy and medication treatment the depressed person can take control of his/her life.

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